The most terrible in the world of sea creatures

Interior design: aquarium
Many have long appreciated the appeal of an aquarium as a decorative element in interior design. In a modern house or apartment aquariums can meet the most different: suspended aquariums-pictures,…

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All about fishing: Sea fishing
Sea fishing That can compare with sea fishing? Nothing. You feel as if " the whole world in your pocket ". You never know for sure what's on the other…

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Pond fish - Aquariums, aquarium accessories and fishes, installation and maintenance of aquariums in Novosibirsk, pet supplies, fountains, waterfalls - akvaservis, aquarium stores in Novosibirsk
Pond fish common carp 20 cm carp is a cultural form of carp. There are several forms of carp: naked, mirror and scaly. Anglers usually come across feral carp, some…

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The most terrible in the world of sea creatures

In the seas and oceans live the most unusual and alien beings on Earth. And some of them look very scary…

Fish-the Viper. Fish-the Viper its open mouth with frightening teeth have long gained worldwide fame, despite the fact that its size does not exceed 35 cm. After the victim comes close to your mouth, the mouth of the fish-Viper leans back, allowing you to capture prey exceeding the thickness of the predator 3 times. The teeth in the process of hunting play a major role: although not designed for killing prey, but serve to keep the predator on the victim’s body.

Fish-frog. Found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans on muddy or sandy bottom, sometimes burrowing into his eyes. Some members of the family Zapovednaya fish have poisonous spines and are dangerous for swimmers.

This beauty’s name is fish-drop . and it lives only in Australia. Deep-sea benthic fish of the family psychrolutidae, which because of its unattractive appearance often referred to as one of the most bizarre ocean deep-water fish on the planet. Continue reading

V World championship on catching of predatory fish

From 3 to 7 October in the Kherson region in the Delta of the Dnieper river on the waters of the rivers and Buckeye Conca Hola Prystan hosted the V World championship on catching of predatory fish spinning from the boat with artificial lures.

In the competition involved thirteen teams from: Ireland, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Russia, South Africa, Poland, Romania, Italy, Belarus and Ukraine. The national team of Ukraine on fishing for predator boat fishing ranks among the world’s elite and was one of the favorites for the championship. The General sponsor of the national team of Ukraine was made by the permanent partner of the company FRS Normark Ukraine. The company’s contribution is hard to overestimate. Thanks to the support, the team could focus its attention solely on the competition, and to solve trivial issues. Normark Ukraine is a desirable partner for FRS not only with the material side, but also from the standings, because with the direct sponsorship of company teams of Ukraine always received high awards at the world Championships and the fishing sport in Ukraine every year is at a high international level. Continue reading

Pets: aquarium fish for beginners

Aquarium fish are the same as Pets, such as cats and dogs, so they also require proper care. But how to choose the most affordable care. Because aquarium fish for beginners has to bring the joy of observing the underwater world, and not make all the time to spend cleaning your aquarium.

Care for aquarium fish

Let’s start with the fact that the shape of the aquarium doesn’t impact fish, but the size is important because in a small space a large fish or a large number of inhabitants will be crowded. In a small bowl very closely to live moving fish. It would also be hard to contain fish, which can then grow in size. Moreover, in a small bowl faster water begins to deteriorate, begin to appear different diseases that can lead to the death of Pets. The larger the aquarium the better. Continue reading

Fish fillet

Improving fish fillets

“For marine fish can be recommended to a higher proportion of spices,

hot spices, acids (citric, natural lemon juice),

salt and sauces, starchy enveloping means,

the use of the test, the introduction of milk, cream, sour cream in fish dishes . ”

If only each of us, caring for marine fish . lived on the shore let not the South sea, or at least a hundred kilometers from him. Don’t know about you, but I occasionally dropped in on some fishing market, the shelves of which fish and seafood would fall right out of fishing boats, and choosing what I need at the moment! This Golden mackerel, gills still flapping, I would have asked to cut into fillets and just put gentle, translucent from grease the slices on the grill. But in this cod I would have just borrowed the liver. With a little bit of black pepper Yes in butter for two to three minutes in the pan. just a fabulous thing! And this, though small flounder, if remove the skin, keeping the fan-shaped fins. Continue reading

All about fishing: Sea fishing

Sea fishing That can compare with sea fishing? Nothing. You feel as if ” the whole world in your pocket “. You never know for sure what’s on the other end of the line or how big the fish is.

Tackles In principle, sea fishing tackle can be divided into three categories: mild, moderate and severe. Modern sea fishing rods are usually classified according to the specifications weight rooms 6,12, 20,30, 50, 80 or 130 pounds, which corresponds to 3, 6,10,15, 24,37 or 60 pounds.

Throw a Good throw is one of the most important techniques of coastal fishing. If you don’t know how far to throw, quite often there can be a situation where you will not be able to catch fish.

Technique of fishing in coastal waters Taking into account a huge variety of coastlines worldwide, the types of waters and fish species, you might like to think that they will need thousands of different methods to cope with all of them. Continue reading

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Fish in the pond
Started the construction of the pond, sooner or later have to face the question — to settle the fish pond or not. Monitoring their smooth movements soothes, brings aesthetic pleasure.…


All about fishing: Sea fishing
Sea fishing That can compare with sea fishing? Nothing. You feel as if " the whole world in your pocket ". You never know for sure what's on the other…